Photo Diary: A Day in London

I arrived in London keen to start my Youth Mobility Visa, AKA, my working holiday! I had a job at a pub sorted before I landed, and my boyfriend Tom picked me up from the airport. We only had a couple days to spend in London before I started work, so we made the choice of going on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of the city for a day. It ended up being the best way to see as much as we could of the city in a short period of time!



St. Pancras Station


We started off our bus tour from St. Pancras station, the closest station to our hotel. We sat on the top floor of the bus to get better views of the buildings, even though it was a bit chilly in October!



Trafalgar Square


Our first stop was Trafalgar Square! It was named after the Battle of Trafalgar. We wandered around the square checking out the statues, architecture and a handful of great coffee shops. It was a very busy area!



Double Decker Bus


I was so excited to see my first red double decker bus while walking to our bus stop on the tour! The double decker bus we were on for the tour was blue,  not red unfortunately.



St. Paul’s Cathedral


Our Next stop was at St. Paul’s Cathedral! It is a working Christian church, with hourly prayer. Though we didn’t go inside, there is tourist entry. I found the architecture to be so impressive!



Tower of London


The Tower of London was the next stop on our tour. It is a historical castle on the River Thames and was used as a prison during the war. This was my very first castle experience, and it did not disappoint!



Tower Bridge


From there we walked to Tower Bridge! This really felt iconic of London for me. It is a combined bascule and suspension bridge. It was here that we crossed over to the other side of the River Thames to catch our next bus on our tour.



The London Eye


Our next stop was the London Eye. We didn’t go on the Eye because I have already been on the Melbourne Eye, and we were running short of time. It is easily the more iconic, picturesque symbol of London for me. But this view of it from the London Bridge is hard to beat!



Big Ben


Walking across the London Bridge give us the perfect view of Big Ben, part of Westminster! This National timepiece towered ahead of us while walking across the River Thames. I was excited to see the clock tower and the Houses of Parliament.



Buckingham Palace


Our Final and most anticipated stop of the tour was at Buckingham Palace! We saw the Queens Guard marching out front, but the flag wasn’t raised, which indicated that the Queen was not at the Palace. We still really enjoyed getting to see this popular monument!



Victoria Memorial


All in all we really enjoyed our day in London, even with it being rushed! This last photo is of me in front of the Queen Victoria Memorial beside Buckingham Palace. I had the opportunity to go back to London a couple of times during my stay in England, but this was the day full of the most exciting sightseeing!


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